Brekkie Foccacia put our faces on a bus, yay!


Our first menu item, the all day brekkie focaccia has been with us from almost the beginning of VegOut..

It’s a simple combination of tasty flavours in a locally baked focaccia roll.

This year we were lucky enough to have a chance to get it the attention it needs, because seriously, it’s delicious. Launceston city prom were running a winter competition for the best toastie in town, so we entered our old faithful focaccia. The competition was based completely on votes by the public, and after a month of anticipation to see if everyone thought it is as good as we think it is.

We received the phone call, and yeah, we did it! We are so seriously grateful to all our ammmmazing customers for showing there support and voting. (and btw, we were the only vegan entry, woot woot)

We thought the winner of this competition basically got some attention on social media, which we were super happy with. Within the week we were asked to just have a few dishes prepared for some photography, which we thought yay, because we love photos of our food being shared.

Next minute…..

Cityprom and the photographer brought in a lovely group of four locals to have photos with our food. We thought, that’s great because it will only make for even better photos.

But then… they asked us to have our photos taken. We arent the photogenic type of people, but anything to that will help get the word out about our small family business is great right?

Soooo just imagine, us two dorks that have been cooking and cleaning all day, no make up, hairs a mess and no clean aprons left in the café. At this stage we were just laughing, well laughing at ourselves but not as much as we were when we had the camera pointed at us and were told….


Oh my gosh, we didn’t know what to say.. Except for, please use photoshop for our messy stained aprons.

So now driving around Launceston you may just see VegOut on the back of a bus thanks to our all day brekkie focaccia.

We are truly grateful for the opportunity but still cant stop laughing for the fact that we made it onto a bus!