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The legend of Mama G’s Spring Rolls

Who is Mama G??? Well, apart from being an absolute legend, Mama G is our mum.

Mama G came to Tasmania over 36 years ago now and she has always taught us to work hard and if you are hungry, EAT! So as you can imagine, our lives have always been surrounded by food. Growing up sometimes we wouldn’t have running water, or a car that didn’t break down but no matter what we always had food on the table. Mum always cooked a mix of Filipino & Australian food, so we as children got to taste the best of both worlds #lucky.

When we started this crazy small business adventure, we asked our mum if there was one thing she could do for us and that was to make her famous spring rolls for our shop. We know everyone would love them, and they did!

Almost three and a half years later, she is still making them. We often tell people that we both had so many friends come to our house when we were younger just for the spring rolls. Anytime we would invite our friends over for a sleepover or dinner, the first question was always…

Is your mum making spring rolls?

We are very fortunate to be surrounded by an amazing family support network, they all think we are absolutely mad but always there to lend a hand when needed.

We recently sold our last ever batch of her spring rolls but plan to take over the making of her secret recipe if the demand is there for them to make a comeback.

Let us know if you’d like to see the spring rolls back at VegOut!

Wish us luck on living up to Mama G’s,

launceston takeaway
Mama G’s Famous Spring Rolls

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