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Hi there, Lisa here!

Over the years we have done soooooo many events and lots of catering!

We actually started our business days just doing events and wow that was a learning experience. Especially because we both quit our full-time jobs to work for ourselves (and to be honest with very little savings and planning/just a lot of ambition).

For a twelve-month period we basically said yes to every event we could physically manage and ended up being involved with some amazing events. This led us to do some crazy big and busy events, we even started dragging trestle tables and portable fridges around to have a presence at a few little local markets.

Some of our big events were; Festivale, Party in the Paddock, Junctions Arts Festival, Agfest, Little Italy, Panama &  Mona Foma.

Our busiest event that we survived was one of our years at Mona Foma….. (oh my goodness there were some tears from exhaustion/happiness once that finished). We were the last stallholder to have food to sell, we were prepping on the fly to be able to keep serving. We had a line of 40+ people doing the Mexican wave to keep them entertained and we just had to put our heads down and keep on cooking! On top of the madness, it was also one of the hottest days of the year, it was like working in a sauna. But, in the end, it was one of the most rewarding experiences so far, we achieved so much more than we thought was possible. Go us!

We believe that events were what helped us build our customer base before opening our brick and mortar locations, after a little bit of time we realised that customers would follow us from event to event, which we loved. For any small business, this is really a confidence booster.

Catering has also kept us busy over the years, we have done everything from weddings, baby showers, corporate lunches, and once we even supplied the lunch for the crew at Selling Houses Australia!

From banquets to sandwich platters and amazing custom cakes – we love providing catering solutions to suit all of our customers.

Stay tuned for more event news in 2022! I can’t believe that’s only 3 months away.
Phew, this year has flown.

Lisa xx