Hey! Lisa here.

We love the hashtag ‘#itsvegansoitshealthyright?’ because over the years we have heard it soooooo much, and you know what… this is sometimes our theory when we’re treating ourselves to that second piece of cake (or brownie).

Our other favorite line we love is “I’ve never ate vegan food before” – this line actually makes us smile. Because if someone believes this, then eats our food and enjoys it, we must be doing something right. We always try to fight the urge to correct someone, as we believe in educating those with food by cooking and eating.

Side Note – We are so super grateful that our customer base, it’s freaking amazing… Between the two of us we have over 30 years of experience in the industry and have never had such a beautiful array of nice people flooding through our doors. We message most of our customers like we message our friends, a lot of regulars keep us up to date if they wont be in on their regular days or if they’re going on holiday – we love being kept in the loop.


VegOut started because of the lack of plant-based options available and over time this evolved into creating food for all types of diets, preferences, intolerance, allergens, fitness goals, dishes that people miss eating, old-school classics, binge-worthy cakes and so much more.

Like we often say, our mama told us: “if you’re hungry, EAT” so our goal is to always have something everyone would enjoy when coming into our cafes. We love offering a variety of dishes to suit all taste buds,

Food for Everyone as we say…

Lisa xx