But how do you make them without Eggs??

Our answer______ Magic!

But i don’t have all those weird ingredients?

Our answer______ we bet you do !

But how can it taste good?

Our answer______ Well you are going to have to try them!


WELL…. Most people will not believe just how simple they can be, plant based cooking can often be associated with the words difficult and hard. But you know, all cooking  can he difficult and hard OR is can be simple. And sometime simple can be best! Our house pancakes are as easy as Flour, baking powder, sugar, mylk and vanilla essence. We then jazz them up with all the tasty things (you’ll notice we put pancakes in most of our pancakes, our mum used to do this for us growing up so its a little bit nostalgic and well super delicious).

We love to take the challenge of veganising all our favorite things to eat, sometimes this is easy… but sometimes this does take a lot of work of recipe testing. We’ve had some mega fails but also a lot of triumphs in re-creating our favorite foods.

We also love teaching people to cook and teaching people that cooking can be fun. We do hope to do cooking lessons and pass on our knowledge of plant based cooking with the world.